Coming out…

Although depression affects the psyche, it is very much a physical problem too. Sometimes it can even be crippling especially if you are suffering from anxiety disorder also.

It took a long time to realise that I was suffering from depression and I probably wouldn’t have sought advice from my GP had my parents not pointed it out to me that I was displaying signs and prompting me to seek help though I was very much in denial at this stage.

The realisation and then eventually coming out to my friends has been hard. Alot of my friends haven’t honestly speaking been that supportive nor even really spoken about it since I told them which has been somewhat upsetting. By telling my friends I had hoped that I would have had that little bit of reassurance and also understanding as to why I haven’t most likely been myself.  But instead it has been the complete opposite.

What I’ve come to realise is that there is alot of ignorance and misinformation surrounding depression.  An for the most part it’s like people expect you to just get over it as though you’re having a bad day when really it is alot more than that.

But one of my friends has been very helpful and encouraging me to betterment so I suppose all isn’t lost lol *half smile*

For me this could have been discouraging to say the least but it has further fuelled my desire to get over this episode and has also given me the strength to realise that I can whether it be alone.



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