We all want love



















I can honestly say that I have been craving a relationship because of my depression and also because I mean who doesn’t want to be loved by another 😉

In my case I have allowed relentless individuals to flit in and out of my life.  I have allowed past partners to somewhat take advantage and on other occasions kept a blind eye to things simply because I wanted a sense of normality.

I wanted to have someone in my life so as to not make the depression and feelings associated with it not feel so bad and to fill a void I had been feeling.

What I do now believe is that I need to focus solely on myself and son as ultimately until I’m happy I can’t possibly contribute to another’s happiness.

I am now focusing on building myself back up and working on becoming a Paramedic as I am currently doing and then any potential partner that enters my life, I will be in a good place to not only be able to handle the relationship but choosing to be in one not based on the notion that this magical person will make things better for me.






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