I am not my hair

On the 19 July 2011, of last year I big chopped my hair (cut all my hair off).

It had been something I had thought about numerous times, before I decided to go for it and make that transition back to natural hair.  Furthermore I had done my research and fully wanted to embrace the hair God had given me 🙂

Going back to natural hair has been a total life changing experience and for others it is not merely a matter of making that decision on a whim.

For me it was about fully accepting myself and freeing myself from the burden of having to relax my hair every 4-6 weeks.

I believe what initially held me back were how others would perceive me and their reactions to my hair.

Overall I have been completely happy with my decision to rock my natural hair again though my feelings have been up and down due to some people’s negativity.  Which I feel through my depression this has been heightened as any other person would have just let it go over their head.  Hence why I reverted back to wearing my weave but I am determined to love every part of me and have decided to show my natural hair off to the world and I’m hoping in doing so it will boost my self-esteem and self-love.




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