Turning 26

I remember being in my teens and aimlessly waiting to turn 16, 18, 21 and now at age 26 it suddenly dawns on me that I am only four years away from the big 3.0 and now it suddenly doesn’t seem so exciting any more…

It is almost like a mid life crisis as you begin to analyse every aspect of your life and feel unfulfilled.  You begin to wonder if you are at where you should be.  Are there things you should have done- but haven’t? Hmm.  Then if in a relationship you begin to analyse the person you’re with.  Are they the person that you’re meant to be spending the rest of your life with? And this never ending trail of questions begins until phew! You begin to realise that there is sooo much things you hadn’t previously thought about before now.

Since turning 26, June. Or even after a breakdown in a relationship I have spent time re-thinking, re-evaluating and analysing every domain of my life.  I have undergone an amazing journey of self-discovery, re-discovering myself, focusing on being a better me and making positive changes in my life.

If you too get to this stage and find yourself asking them same questions.  Maybe it would be helpful to draw up a five year plan to make sure you keep on track.

Write down five things that you’re proud of.  Map out everything that you would like to accomplish no matter how far-fetched it may seem.  Work out your top five goals to work on as a starting point.  Set out to conquer each with no pressure just the assurance that you will conquer each one.  Finally review.


Weekly Writing Challenge: Golden Years

8 thoughts on “Turning 26

  1. My advice: act how you feel, not how you think you ought to feel simply because you have reached a particular age


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