Social networking

Facebook has become one of the most dominant social networking platforms of the 21st century… It was originally launched in 2004 for Harvard University students but has since expanded worldwide and has seen a phenomenal increase in its users.

One thing I have begun to wonder is can our online exchanges damage our real-life relationships?

Due to the beauty of the internet, we are now more than ever, able to connect with others through social networking sites.  It allows us to reconnect with old friends, acquaintances and even ex-partners.  I recently was sent a friend request on Facebook from someone I dated briefly.  Now under normal circumstances this would not have occurred and the past would have more than likely been left to rest…

Once a relationship has ended do I really want to reconnect with that person and dig up old unwanted feelings from the past… No.

Can you imagine living in a world where Facebook interaction was real?

Is this where we are going wrong, by bringing our friendships and relationships online? Social networking sites are supposed to bring people closer but for me face to face contact is extremely important in forming any close relationship.

I’d much prefer to spend quality time with people than to be poking and conversing online. Though I frequently access and update my Facebook.  I am slowly realising that not only is it a complete invasion of your privacy as you are encouraged to broadcast almost utterly everything that is going on in your life though you do have a choice In doing so.

Not only that but with regards to depression we have begun to live in an accelerating contradiction whereby the more connected we become in terms of social media platforms, the lonelier we are an loneliness can be found to be a factor of depression.

Have we now become so absorbed with these social networking platforms that we have neglected the importance of being properly connected to each other.

I’ll leave that for you to decide.



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