Going on a break

ecbac5e1a0a2568f5ea6bd95599b985cWhen your partner comes to you and declares that ‘…they want a break…’ or ‘…they need space’.  At that precise moment, you probably feel as if your whole world has collapsed before you and you sit there wondering if there was anything you could have done differently… Or alternatively you may have reacted by crying, telling them how much you love them, pleading and begging them to stay…

But what do they mean exactly??

Sometimes your partner merely requires breathing space to reassess their life and doing so whilst in a relationship just isn’t possible.  It doesn’t particularly imply that it is anything to do with you personally, majority of the time they just need time to reflect on external factors that may be putting a strain on the relationship itself.

Other times, a break can simply be a cowardly way for a man or woman to break up with the person they’re dating… Because if you think about it… If you and your partner are already experiencing difficulties in your relationship for example you may be having a long distance relationship… or you simply feel disconnected from your partner.  To throw a ‘break’ in to the mix- how does that resolve anything??

Not only are you are putting further distance between yourself and your partner.  Even if you both realise that this is no longer what you both want and get back together.  You will still inevitably encounter the same problems as you did before and may actually end up breaking up altogether… for good.

In my humble opinion, a break, only works if both parties genuinely want the relationship to work, the person requesting the break is given space and guidelines are set.  Going on a ‘break’ as awful as it seems isn’t always such a bad thing as I have found from my own personal experience.  It can be taken as a time to re-discover your individual self and engage in new experiences or activities.

Having time apart not only helps to build a healthier bond between you and your partner; you would now be able to give your relationship if you do reconcile the effort and attention it needs.

Most importantly a break can be beneficial because some couples just need to be reminded of the love that they once shared with their partner and as they say: ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’.

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