Positive affirmations



Still high on the fact that I recently passed my theory test woop woop I have a lot to thank positive affirmations for; oh and my thorough revision of each topic of course.

I spent a few days leading up to when I would take my test with a positive mindset and visualising myself actually passing and repeated to myself with conviction ‘ I’ve passed my theory test!’ multiples times.

Now I’m not saying that this is the sole reason why I actually passed as I would be lying.  But waking up each morning with excitement, happy thoughts and buzzing to go essentially had me in a better frame of mind to be more receptive to pass!

Positive affirmations:

Positive affirmations and positive thinking can help you turn previous failure into success just by simply having a positive attitude to manifest change in your life.

Positive affirmations according to www.vitalaffirmations.com are usually short positive statements targeted at a subconscious set of beliefs, to challenge and undermine negative beliefs and replacement then will positive self-nurturing beliefs.

I strongly believe that positive affirmations can work for everyone to help transform your mental attitude and banish negative thoughts by rewiring your subconscious self to only think positively.  With regards to depression I feel this can highly be deemed as a useful tool to expel any negative thoughts that you may be telling yourself. Not only does it feel great saying each affirmation with vigour but it helps you to attain positive results.


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