Fashion can be depicted in its generic sense to mean lifestyle, culture and the most obvious being the clothes we wear. These are all of importance to me and define who I am.  Fashion in my opinion is a form of self-expression and everyday I am subconsciously partaking whether it is choosing what to wear in the mornings to consumption via the media through ads and campaigns.

Personally speaking I use my clothes as a way to express myself as it allows me to express my identity to others. Our identity is intertwined with our appearance and this is how today’s society chooses to judge  people.

Due to the lows that I reached I began to change aspects of myself, hiding my natural hair with weaves and extensions and dressing for others rather than myself that I started to lose a part of who I really was because of my distorted view of myself.

I currently have decided that it’s not about what people think and that the main thing is to just BE myself.


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