Depression- new outlook

Depression is one of the most common mental health problems in young adults and something which I battled with last year that left me feeling crippled due to being in denial.  I found it hard to relate to my family and friends and began to spend more and more time alone in an effort to make sense of it all.

But what I have now come to realise is that Depression is like any other illness. You just need to find ways to effectively get through it and find ways to also prevent it from coming back.

I have since chosen to look at my depression as a disease that is a personal ‘teacher’ of mine that has come to aid me on my journey of greater understanding of myself.  By looking at it in this way not only have I stopped thinking negatively but I am able to learn from this ‘lesson’ as you would and move onto the next stage of my healing process.

Since I have chosen to do this not only have I been able to replace all negative thoughts with positive ones but I have had alot of positive things come to fruition due to feeding my subconscious mind with positive and uplifting messages instead.


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