Conforming to social norms

If you’re lucky enough to be different then don’t ever change.

Something many of us seem to do just to fit in with societies ideals of how we should be and what’s perceived to be ‘normal’.

For example: those individuals that are shy often get depicted as being ‘stuck up’, ‘weird’ or a ‘loner’ and as time goes by continuously hearing these statements it then becomes programmed into their subconsciousness to the point where the individual begins to feel the need to change who they are just to fit into societies paradigm.

Personally speaking being different has often led me to feel like I don’t fit in.  I have always felt caught between being an introvert and extrovert never strictly one due to the way in which we as humans tend to paint things often being either black or white.

When a lot of my friends that use to surround me would want to go for a drink every night.  I’d much rather curl up at home with a movie, partake in some outdoor adventure or other or strum up the next goal I wanted to conquer pretty boring huh but instead of doing the things I enjoyed I instead resorted to a life that not only kept me in good stead with my friends at the time but also in a box society had staunchly packaged me in.

An for a good while I lived like this endlessly until it all came to head one day and I thought to myself this is not the life I wanted to live and also began to think about the messages I was potentially sending to my child – that it’s not okay to be yourself.

I realise now that being me is an exhilarating adventure and I approve of myself more than ever!


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