It’s hard when a friendship ends but if the person is not adding value to your life, not being supportive of you or your goals and not helping to motivate you to be the best that you can be then maybe it is time to cut your losses and break away from this unhealthy friendship.

After having taken a step back and looking at the people in my life I hadn’t realised the impact some of these friendships were having on me.

There are friends in my life that lift me, guide me, motivate me to do well and are fun to be around and bring forth positive energy.  Then there are others of whom say that they want me to do well but really just not better than them.  They always seem to see the negative side to anything great that is happening in my life or things I intend to accomplish.

My most recent reality check was of a friend I’d known since school.  To this day I have no idea why I put up with this individual for so long maybe out of habit or obligation because I genuinely cared about them.  But understand now that this friendship had outgrown its course not only that but it wasn’t healthy.  I often felt sucked of energy and joyless when around this individual and was often belittled and criticised by them and believe that I subconsciously over time allowed myself to drift away from this person and have felt one thousand times better since.

I am without a shadow of doubt ensuring from now on that I only leave room in my life for positive people.



2 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. I agree it’s difficult at first because you’re so used to them being there but it like a band aid being ripped off out of sight out of mind.


    • Totally agree. Healthy friendships are not one-sided. Both people benefit from knowing each other and in unhealthy friendships on the other hand one person always seems to give a lot more than the other. Healthy friendships are based on mutual respect and I believe that’s what it should be about.

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