Why I may never live in a converted flat again

When I first moved to my current property I had initially thought I would be living the period dream with its high ceilings and large windows but instead I was in for a rude awakening.

Until I had actually decided I wanted to move from my new build apartment in Central London having grown tiresome of having the heavy communal door incessantly banging against my living room wall. Or the sounds of the Theatre School adjacent to my property awakening me with their tra la la la’s first thing in the morning I had never even heard of a converted flat before. Presumably I had thought that all these lovely looking Edwardian and Victorian properties housed only one family.

Now I won’t knock every converted flat because in my quest to move homes yet again I have come across some well constructed and astounding flats. But let’s just say the ones lacking in sound-proofing and insulation are a complete nightmare and a recipe for high blood pressure.

My home

Due to noise transmission through the walls and floors living here has been dreadful. From the stomping and jumping down the stairs into the communal hallway by my neighbours which cause my living room to feel as if I were experiencing a mini earthquake to the tap dancing classes that seem to take place on my living room ceiling.

The worst part of it all is that my neighbours seem to be ambiguous to the level of noise they are permitting… well… according to my housing officer that is. I mean half the time I feel as though I am living through re-runs of Maury Povich which can be heard when domestic spats take place that get so loud that I can be on the lower level of my flat at the rear of the property and can hear quite distinctively “You slept with another woman and got her pregnant..” an much more. To be honest do I really want my son to be awoken at night by such ruckus… no.

Another thing is the cost of heating the property has been absolutely ridiculous. The amount per month that I pay you’d think I was heating Buckingham Palace at this rate an to be honest my move was to cut costs not increase them.


Truth be told I am not one for complaining and getting into conflict so I have decided it’s time I jump ship again in order for my family life to thrive without disruptions. All in all me moving initially was to escape the doldrums of noise nuisance and instead I have ended up in an even worse predicament. One thing I can say, is if like me you move by what is known as a mutual exchange. Do your homework!

With regards to converted flats ensure that you ask the current tenants questions covering all areas and if in doubt seek advice from their housing association who may be able to advise.  I mean every individual seeking to exchange homes will have some obscured reason as to why they wish to exchange homes. Which if you make that mistake like myself and fall willy-nilly for everything you’re told you will have the time-consuming challenge of trying to find an alternative home to exchange to which can stem from months to years.

One thing I have learnt from all this is that the grass is definitely not always greener… 😉


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