Simon Cowell. Brad Pitt. Will Poulter. Helen Mirren. Leornardo Dicaprio. Emma Thompson. Michael Fassbender. Cate Blanchett.

Having thought about how I could generate more traffic to my blog as a new blogger I resorted to hit the internet. After much research on-line the same advice seemed to crop up. Most of the blogger’s seemed to suggest searching for topics that were currently trending at the moment and to write a post based on one of them. Other ideas’s consisted of promoting posts via social networking sites, raising visibility via search engines, using appropriate tags, blogging often and one of my least favourite paying for traffic to your site.

So I decided to start off with looking at what’s currently trending. I was unassumingly sceptical but was assured by the fact that there would be a vast array of choice I mean everyone couldn’t be searching for the same things…Right? 

But the same outcome seemed to more or less crop up. Celebrities. Celebrities and more Celebrities.

According to the data taken from Google it gave the impression that the only things us Brits consider worthy of searching for are celebrities, sports and television programmes with the exception of events that may have occurred for example the flooding in Southern England. Whilst in contrast are US counterparts were more broader with their search choices.

Though this can be a rather useful way to generate traffic and gain ideas for a new blog post if like me you suffer from bouts of writers block. Which on my part is due to the fact that my blog is not centred on one topic wholly. Because wishfully thinking when my blog does pick up momentum I didn’t want to at some stage have to start a new blog in order to focus on another topic.

But going back to the trends for me personally I try not succumb to celebrity culture as I do not feel it is a real depiction of people like you and I. Anyone can put in the work and see it through to the end to acquire the same lifestyle if they so wished. But for me I want to be able to aspire to something more tangible in my eyes.

leo2So my best bet right now is to continuing writing about whatever tickles my fancy and hope fingers crossed that the audience I reach like it enough to follow or hit the like button 😉


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