Creating Silence in a Noisy World

We are bombarded daily with noise. There is no escaping it. Whether it is in the workplace, school, place of residence and even via the media. Taking the moment to slow down and to be still and present is so valuable, but so easy to lose.

Many people including myself find the very concept of silence uncomfortable and disquieting.

The trouble with silence is that because we are so use to living in a noisy world the very moment the noise is switched off we find ourselves scrambling to fill the void of silence quite like on my day off from work where I found myself trying to eradicate the silence by turning up my music or switching on my television.

Silence can be seen as a powerful tool in many contexts and is used in a variety of ways. It has the influence to get people to think and to act but can also be used as a spiritual ally. The main benefits appear to be that silence offers us a retreat from the noise of modern day living allowing us time for examination of one’s own conscious thoughts and feelings. In doing so it makes us more aware of our true self and sets us on the path to finding happiness and contentment.

But with the influx in technology and the ways in which we can now communicate with each other when do we actually get time to switch off this constant chatter?


My challenge to you today is to take a moment to switch off your television, radio, computer and phone.  Sit quietly and still and see how long you can last without the desire to turn them all back on again.

To make it more fun:

The Quiet Game

In teams or individually with more than one person. The aim of this game is for everyone to remain quiet and still. Whoever talks is immediately eliminated, eventually isolating the winner at the end. The objective of the game is to get opponents to laugh or talk by any means necessary.

Have fun and remember that silence is golden!


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