The Mouse That Got Away

Due to my impending feeling of tiredness I decided to have an early night as I had planned to get up in a few hours to assemble my new bed.

Around 4am I decided to get myself a glass of water my usual routine since becoming pregnant.

As I switched on the light in the kitchen whilst grabbing a glass and heading over to the fridge from the corner of my eye shot a small brown furry mouse literally bounding across my cooker so fast I didn’t even have a moment to attempt to capture it.

I tried to remain calm and rational. But If I’m honest I don’t know who was more terrified. The mouse that was scampering away or the woman that was literally legging it bump and all screaming and hyperventilating until she had reached the safety of her bedroom.

Now just remains the simple fact that one of us has definitely got to go and as I have been told  that if you see one mouse, there are likely to be more. It will most likely have to be… Erm… ME!


4 thoughts on “The Mouse That Got Away

    • Thank you and yes I was contemplating getting a cat but the idea of the cat potentially bringing me its prized possession to show off freaks me out even more! lol So for now I’ve just resorted to getting a Sonic Mouse Repeller x


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