Dating a Colleague

The workplace is a common way of meeting someone regardless of whether you set about dating or not. Every day we spend long periods of time with our colleagues and excluding finding someone obviously attractive. We begin to develop an understanding and bond which can then eventually develop into romantic feelings.

Attraction is not a choice

I never envisioned myself dating a colleague. But here circa 2013 I find myself engulfed in a relationship going against everything I believed in.

Initially when introduced by one of my close colleagues to my spouse I never thought for a minute that this was someone who I had wanted to date as he really rubbed me up the wrong way. But my close colleague kept persisting that I should give him a chance and being the person that I am didn’t want to prejudge him based on first impressions.

Nonetheless we gradually began to spend ample amounts of time together outside work and engaging over the phone which led to a decision to enter a relationship.

The perfect balance 

In some sense my career still comes first simply because as much as I would love to live in a fairytale daydream believing that our love will conquer all. If I were to lose my job hypothetically speaking it would impact significantly on my ability to provide for my child, keep a roof over our head or even pay those dreaded bills.

What I have learnt so far is that the best way to deal with an office romance is to be honest, communicate and definitely set boundaries and expectations about your behaviour at work if you do enter a relationship. There has been nothing worse than when my partner has wanted some form of affection and in my mind at that moment all I can think of doing is running a mile in the opposite direction. Simply, for fear that trying to sneak the odd kiss in the lift as exhilarating as it may seem being witnessed by my manager or another member of staff definitely something that I could not live down!

Hence why I firmly believe it’s imperative if you do decide to date someone from work to remain professional and try to keep your working relationship separate from that of your working one.

* This post is not by all means advocating dating at work 😉


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