Update on ‘May I have a seat please?’ post

As a recap I previously posted about my commuting experience with Transport For London and British Rail whilst almost five months pregnant. For those that never had the opportunity to read my post here is a link to it: May I have a seat please? 

To be frank with you I don’t feel me being pregnant signifies that I have some special entitlement to a seat, again it’s just about common courtesy when you see anyone who may be having a difficult time standing.

There has been many times in my pregnancy where I have offered my seat to those less able than myself though majority of the time my offer was rejected.

The reason for this update is because I have decided to post a letter of appreciation to my fellow commuters that have been absolutely amazing. Why??? one might ask… Well, simply because sometimes in life, it is appropriate to say thank you and show our appreciation to those around us when it comes to various situations where we have been helped during a time of crisis or stress and because for obvious reasons I am unable to do so physically and have therefore decided to do so on-line as a form of acknowledgement.


Dear fellow commuter,

Thank you for your act of kindness which I truly appreciated. You will never be able to understand the positive impact you had on me hence why I have decided to write this in acknowledgement. If there were more people willing to do one act of kindness each day no matter how small then the world would definitely be a better place for it. But our society as it seems has somewhat lost the instinct for kindness with the exception of wonderful individuals like yourself! Once again thank you.






Remember: Be kind. Pass it on. It cost’s nothing at all 🙂


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