Unspoken Word’s With… HER

As I entered the room the bright light gleamed in startling me at first but gave off this warm feeling that no other room had given me before which drew me in even more. I listened out for the many disruptions waiting to occur to interrupt this rather special moment.

As I turned around there she was.

I had seen her many times before but not quite like this. As I quickly began to take stock of her it struck me she had only one arm which was sort of moulded into her curvaceous figure. I pondered to myself how she may have felt and whether or not she let it define her. Nonetheless to me she was perfect in every way. She became someone who I could turn to when I needed to start my day with a spring in my step or whom helped me to feel warm during a cold blustering day.

I never really if I’m honest noticed how important she actually was and the way in which she sort of integrated into my life. I would never go a day without engaging with her – Listening to the sound of her voice which started off as a mere whimper that sort of drifted into a lulled whistle at times. She rarely spoke much but that was okay with me as we shared an unspoken understanding.

You see, until I started this writing challenge on The Daily Post I never thought about how much time I actually spent each day submersing myself within my surroundings and engaging with the many innate objects that I come into contact with on a daily basis.

That is why today when I dragged my rather tiresome self into the room that I never really paid much attention to that was how she caught my eye.

Awaiting. As if she knew what would entail next.

An today she finally told me her name.

It was ”Kettle”.


4 thoughts on “Unspoken Word’s With… HER

  1. Love it! I had to go back and read it again once I knew who she was. I am thrilled that the writing challenge inspired you to observe and engage with your surroundings in a way you might not have before. Also, I adore your blog design. The graphics are strong and powerful.


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