The One In The Elevator

“She had managed to go almost three weeks without being late. Admittedly on two of those days she’d perambulated around the office like someone doing a good imitation of the walking dead – but she’d been timely walking dead, damn it.” ― Michelle Sagara West

Glancing at my watch as I dashed hastily to the lift and pressed the button for the floor that I needed to go to for my patient’s consultation. The doors were about to close when suddenly a hand gripped it with such force to get inside. 

As the perpetrator sauntered in unapologetically that not only had they caused me to be late even further, but had managed to knock into me during the process of trying to enter the lift which had sent my patient notes crashing to the floor. My eyes began to glide slowly over this individual.

He looked as if he were in his late seventies; with silver wisps of hair that seemed to cling to his scalp with bald patches noticeably gleaming through. His face wore a flurry of wrinkles making him appear a lot older and he had a delicate frame that he cloaked in baggy clothes with a distinct army style bag slung over his shoulder.

As the lift began to take off and I scrambled to pick up my papers in annoyance there was a jolt and then the lift abruptly stopped midway between the third and fourth floor.

Just great! I thought to myself could this day get any worse… An as if my thoughts could be heard the light within the elevator flickered off.



Weekly Writing Challenge: Flash Fiction


6 thoughts on “The One In The Elevator

  1. Hello, This is very nice I must admit it left me a little in the dark (pun intended). I didn’t read the challenge until after I read your offering. Good read that leads you to look for more.

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  3. You describe the moments in your stories so accurately, they are full of the details of real life. Skilful writing. I like the ending and the way you bring your characters to life in a convincing style. Top post!!


    • Hi Litadoolan, thank you so much for your comment and for taking time out to read my post, much appreciated. I really liked your post ‘on your marks’ and the way you painted the picture of the event. Sounded like a great day and something I would love to do if nerves don’t take over lol. 🙂

      – Naomi.


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