Reason To Believe

“Sometimes the little things in life mean the most.” 
― Ellen Hopkins


As I stared out the bus window lost in the midst of all that was bothering me something suddenly caught my attention. There before my very eyes lay a homeless couple right outside a large retail store. A homeless couple with what appeared to be all their worldly possessions packed up neatly into plastic bags. A homeless couple with every reason to be defeated lay there snug as bug without a care in the world. The reason why this image struck a chord was because here I was feeling deflated because I could not attain a materialistic possession for my child. Whilst here in plain sight was a couple who had no home. But I did. A couple who had no food in sight amongst their belongings. But I did. A couple who I guess had no one to rally behind them hence their current predicament. But I did.

An in that very moment I realised I had a reason to believe. A reason to believe that in some strange way my imperfect life was perfect.


Daily Prompt: Reason to Believe




4 thoughts on “Reason To Believe

  1. Congratulations! I mean this as an absolute compliment. It is wonderful that you could see that scene and begin thinking things through and realizing how lucky you are. You allowed those people to touch your life and influence you. They don’t know it and most of us don’t know when or how our presence in this world will affect someone else, but they did.


    • Hi Pavanneh, thank you so much for your comment. I’m actually glad I got to witness that scene though I must admit I was gawping for quite a bit lol. But its incidents like that – that really open your eyes and make you realise that your troubles are not as BIG as you believe them to be. An being shown that image was exactly what I needed at that moment. 🙂

      – Naomi

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