Evasive Action


”What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept?”

My friend Tasha asked me giggling, whilst sipping her third glass of champagne at our eagerly awaited girly sleepover. Yes, us almost 30 somethings were curled up on the sofa in my apartment in our pyjamas. Listening to music and catching up on the juicy details of one another’s lives.

I glanced back at Tasha nonchalantly trying my darned hardest to ignore her question and the thought that had immediately come to mind. I racked my brain in an attempt to come up with an alternative response.

But got nothing.

“Well erm…” I mumbled.

“Spit it out” Tasha said, whilst jabbing me in the ribs causing me to spit my champagne out as she then proceeded to clunk her glass down on my coffee table to listen.

“Really Tash, okay-okay. The only significant secret I can honestly think of is a friendship that got lost in translation” I said hesitantly.

“Go on” she said scrutinizing me curiously whilst yawning.

“It wasn’t until I began to look at my life closely in order to cultivate changes and thrash goals I had set for myself that this man popped into my head. It was almost as if my heart had been awoken to something I may have already known and now my minds eye was conceiving scenes and telling a story that I had no control over again and again. I mean shit! I really felt as though I loved him and that’s what confused and scared the hell out of me. Oddly enough, even though we’ve always had a great connection our friendship sort of took a nose-dive over the years with communication between us becoming less frequent. Nonetheless,  feelings that lay dormant continued to wash over me causing me to forcibly think about the past. The stolen moments that could have become so much more adorned with colourful events. Was the universe trying to tell me something or was it just a stupid love story I had fabricated in my mind in my quest for happiness.”

I glanced at Tasha smiling as I covered her with the patchwork duvet she had taken from my room. Luckily enough she had fallen asleep and completely missed my evasive depiction of my significant secret.

Would the truth ever come out?

Maybe, but just not right now…



In response to: Daily Prompt – Evasive Action

Image: Illustration315




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